Friday, September 15, 2006

The Federation of Hell...

At the first annual general meeting of the Hades Republic problems arose, the inaugural year was marked with dispute and turmoil. The founding document "the Articles of Succession from Heaven" provide little in the form of governing principles. It may seem odd that this fledgling nation would not thrive in such chaos and destruction, but the administrative department was so bogged down in conflicting claims and civil actions against fellow occupants, that it became a hinderence to the proper functioning of Hell .

Heavens' refugees were very industrious at infighting as warring factions reigned terror on each other over territorial claims. The "Original Sin" that has until now, in the opinion of man, been considered the first sin of Adam, was actually the cataclysmic event that birthed this nation. The betrayal of God and the following expulsion (or succession depending on the point of view), was a central tenant to the proliferation of this new culture. Never again would an event of this magnitude occur and therefore was celebrated and regarded widely as the raison d'être for the inhabitants of hell.

One of the first acts of Lucifer was to destroy the magnificent work of the Lord that was the earth. Gone were the beautiful forests, and the majestic mountains and the bountiful oceans. What was left was a desolate place void of virtue and uninspiring in all respects. This wonderful masterpiece was reduced to rubble and the ensuing nuclear winter caused by the tonnes of displaced earth rocketed into the sky now choked out the sun. The net effect of this devastation was the separation of the continents of Pangea, and rebellious factions warred over scraps of molten rock and rivers of noxious liquid.

When the meeting was called to disorder by interim President Lucifer himself, the rapt audience wondered what the future held for them. He evoked the name of the "Original Sin" to ignite the raucous crowd with national fervour. He and the cabinet of hell, in conjunction with the standing committee on Hellish affairs had issued a joint communiqué in the form of a policy resolution to address the problems at hand. Lucifer was perusing unanimous adoption of the motion, however powerful political rivals challenged the motions. Alcoholism spoke against the motion, especially the point regarding establishing a permanent presidency over the dominion of Hell. Lethargy and Pestilence also took offence to the flagrant abuse of political appointments, however lacked the support to muster a proper opposition. As Lethargy slept, Pestilence was avoided like the plague by those in attendance, and their amendment to introduce caucus votes on appointment died on the floor.

For a full month the AGM raged on, and a series of summery executions and horse trading finally produced the final document. The first resolution to be adopted by the Republic of Hell. Moved by Lucifer and seconded by Infanticide the motion allowed for the establishment of a permanent president with absolute control over the dominion, however conceded to bi-millenial party elections. Also included in the motion was a call for an Leadership election to be held in late November......


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