Sunday, September 03, 2006

Guess who's back?

After a long hiatus I'm back on the streets. I recently got evicted from my apartment in Kensington, my friends put me out on my ass because I couldn't sign the lease for a year. It's fine though no hard feelings, I've been here before. I've welcomed my newfound hoboness and am adjusting well. I've already stopped shaving and started wearing socks two days in a row. A few years ago, after returning from Europe I got screwed out of a place to live when my roommate moved to India. Thanks, it spawned a year long adventure across parking lots and random couches. I'm reveling in the fact that I have no fixed address. The other night I talked to a crack head (I knew he was cuz not only did he admit it but he had crack in his hand). He told me that if I ever wanted to try it, the dealers would know that I was "green" and try and sell me walnuts or breadcrumbs. He said you should always taste it first, good thing my friend Justin was there to stop me because I was a little curious of the taste.

A few years back I grew a big beard and long hair. I became extremely selfconscious and quiet. I moved through crowds, not wanting to make eye contact. I hated meeting new people and stepping on to the subway was always shameful. I would read the Globe then stuff my jacket with it. I'd let the sweet words of John Ibbitson warm me in my sleep. I'd say "Fuck Sudoko!" no need for math puzzles on the street. I'd get mad at the self righteous comments section, if I had something to say I'd yell it at a street car. I'd howl at the moon, and complain of the bugs in my hair. I'd scrub my body with the soap scum found on the shower curtains at the Y because I couldn’t afford soap. I'd use my parking tickets to scribble down my thoughts then rip them up the next morning in a fit of selfloathing and pity at my drunken prose.

I'm looking forward to it again. A whole new world and these streets are limitless, a whole new world and its my turn to visit it (again)...


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