Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Zombies piss me off…

They’re always strutting around with such attitude. Man screw you zombies! Why are you so high on yourselves? You eat human brains for God’s sakes, you look like shit, you probably smell (I’m guessing here, cuz I’ve never met one.) I guess their arrogance comes from the fact that they speak Latin. Ooohh big deal you dead bastards! Of course you speak Latin, that’s what everyone speaks when they’re dead! It’s not like you studied it at Oxford or something, so drop the attitude-your not better than me! Stuck up bitches!

Because zombies speak Latin, only doctors and professors can fight them. Like Dr. Van Helsing, or professor Michael Ignatieff. They can communicate with them, so they know their moves and the way they think. But then when one of these zombie hunters get killed by zombies and become undead ghouls themselves, they too speak Latin, perpetuating the stereotype, and inflating an already pompous population.

Go to hell Zombies, or back to Cambridge!


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