Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It was all a dream....

I had a great dream the other night. I hooked up with a girl from work in it; it was so vivid I didn’t even realize I was dreaming. I was so excited at our first encounter, sure we flirted before but this was unexpected. Even know I can remember the feel of her breath on my neck. Our heads together her lashes tickling my cheeks, it was all very sweet. I reveled in the fun we had, greatful that this damn summer internship was finally paying off. All those long hours that we were side by side in the office and now this. Her cute smile, her great laugh, brightened up the whole working environment and now I was able to delight in the fact that it was just the two of us. But then it turned disastrous; I woke up from my dream, only to find it was a dream with in a dream. Now instead of being with this beautiful girl, I was dry humping some dude named Danylo from my office. It was horrible. I felt so awkward seeing him the next day.


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