Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Backpacker Memoirs

I remember years ago walking through Sorrento Italy. We found an orchard; in it was lemons, limes, oranges all the size of footballs. It was crazy; the tree limbs hung low under their weight. It was amazing to see. This place was just a street over from our hostel and we walked by it fifty times and never noticed it until that day. Sorrento is by far the most aromatic city I've ever been to, stepping off the train when we arrived we were greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread, and the sweet smell of gelato when we stepped out onto the street. But it wasn’t until I entered this orchard that the smell was truly overwhelming. We meandered through the rows of trees and followed a long path until we saw an old man sitting at a picnic table. In front of him he had bottles lined up of different liqueurs. We sampled the lemon and nectarine they were amazing. I was intrigued by the basil drink- not so hot. We bought two bottles each for our parents and kept exploring. We walked across a long bridge spanning a valley and watched as plump oranges fell from the trees and cascaded, hundreds of them, down the hill to the valley below. They rolled down the slope like a colorful waterfall. It was wild to see, fruit in such abundance that literally an army of oranges could rain down and no one minded. No one worried about waste or overheads, just as long as the one perfect orange ended up in your hands in the end, that’s all you cared about. Sweet delirium conveniently segmented.


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