Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This just in- a commemorative coin set has just been issued by the mint of Transdniestra. This was a breakaway republic of Moldova that declared independence after the fall of he Soviet Union. They were supported by the Soviet army, and has since yielded very little in the way of progress of any kind. . Transdniestra is wedged between Moldova and Ukraine on the east bank of the Dniestra river. It’s considered one of the last bastions of Soviet Russia, but it has severe problems. Neither of its neighbors recognizes its existence, and is largely considered an imagined state. There is a heavy Russian peacekeeping force of 15,000 soldiers and not much else. Apparently their biggest export are these commemorative coins and bank notes, see for yourself, just try googling the name of the country. There’s so little money in the country that a single incident of capital flight of any large degree would cripple this war torn country. Hence these coins are vastly sought after. These damn coins get more news coverage then their 10-year war with Moldova. If you get your hands on it, keep it I guess, they may just work in parking meters in Toronto.


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