Monday, July 10, 2006

Random Encounters…

Last Friday on my way through The Market I ran into a guy named Lazlo. He was Hungarian and I am Hungarian, so we bonded over the two sentences my father bothered to teach me. He told me of his family history, and flirted with my date. It was pretty cool. As fun as it was, I have to find a new route home. Your always running into interesting people and it really slows down your progress when all you want to do is get home and go to bed. I had one underage girl who was drunk with her aunt insist I watch her pee... good times.

Lazlo told me of the old empire of Dalmatia, which is on the north shore of the Adriatic Sea, now modern day Croatia. Apparently these guys were kick ass for a while, they even gave an Emperor to Rome. They are most renown for their spotted dogs, but they were at one point a real military force. He also informed me of a quaint saying from the old country. He looked at my date (now fiancé) and said “I want…I want” searching for the English translation. “What do Chickens have?” I responded talons, but that wasn’t it. Lazlo pointed at his stomach and did a weird twisty hand thing. My fiancé then added “gizzard?” “Yes, I want to eat your gizzards!”

He insisted that he meant no insult, but apparently that’s what you say to a cute girl in Hungary. I want to eat your gizzards. Smoothe.


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