Monday, August 07, 2006

My street....

This is my first blog entry since comming back from the east coast. I'll cover that in another post though.

As I mentioned before I live in between china town and kensington market. A great place full of excitement and exotic intrigue. The other night I walked down spadina after the bar. It was around midnight and the street was littered with coconuts that vendors chop open so you can drink from them. They're too big to fit in the garbage cans so people perch them on top of what ever flat surface they can find. Often on top of the garbage bins, or on door steps or window sills. Also crushed rambutan stains the street red after a million feet have treadover them. Although they are no longer physically recognizable, their sent still lingers and you track it into the house with you when you arrive home.

Piles and piles of fruit and vegitable boxes are stacked on the street and saran wrapped to street posts. Interacrial couples side step the various obsticles like urine stains or chinese newspapers. I was one of them, or we were two of them I guess. We weaved and crisscrossed the sidewalk part drunk stumbling part obsticle course.

Here amoung the dim sum restaraunts and bootlegged dvd's stores people make their livings. Here university student race to the pub, elderly men haggle with customers over the price of fish or fresh produce, and young lovers pass through just trying to navigate the way without having to let go of each others hands.

A great place to live, especially if your the young lovers.

I awoke the next day, and my car had been broken into. I had my checkbook and a spare set of car keys in the car but that wasn't taken. All that was stolen was the change from my cup holder. Obviously a crackhead looking to finance his next fix. Even the least amount of sophistication would have him steal my car and sell it for junk parts or kite my cheques. But no just my change. No damage was done, just all my papers thrown around. I can't really be mad at the guy who breaks it to my car, has me completely vulnerable (although I didn't know it) and only takes a few bucks. Ah my I love you.


At 10:16 AM, Anonymous ray said...

my street's better!


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