Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is life…

Out of work and not enrolled in school. I wander the streets with tones to do, but I ignore it. The nostalgic feeling of early fall washing over me, this now my 25th fall and I wait on the street to watch the leaves change. My mind racing with the mass amounts of work heaped upon me, yet I elect to watch leaves spin in the breeze hoping they’ll fall. Seemingly with nothing to do, I linger in stairwells or lurk on street corners. Nothing thrills me like blowing off work, I’m ecstatic in my lethargy, I celebrate as I shuffle my feet and shove my hands in my pockets. My un-kept hair blows around in the wind, my skin itching from my unshaven face. My heavy eyes survey the side walks and store front for new distractions, for new adventures, for a new drum solo to compose in my head. I could stand here until I see my breath…maybe 20 days to go.


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