Friday, July 04, 2008

“It’s always important to preserve the foil”

That is what my brother said to me last night in a dream. We were elevated on the second story of a house or barn, looking down at those who would surely arrest me. He said this as he passed me a jacket which I just sort of knew was a costume to wear while doing bad things. I have this dream all the time; I knew what to do…

My perplexed reflection on the sentence indicated that by reinforcing negatives about your character it provides a sharper relief to those good qualities that shall surely free me from my oppressors. So I donned the brown suede jacket with fluffy lambs wool stuffing bulging from the collar, fastened the big round buttons and dashed off to have my innocence illuminated against the harsh juxtaposition of intolerable behavior.

I was seized immediately.

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