Monday, June 23, 2008

Some things I dont take part in

With nothing else to do I watched the flesh of my fingers part to reveal the outline of my bone as my hands struggled against the wind out of my car window. Maybe I’m getting too fat? I drifted in and out of radio reception and was content to listen to static and was pleasantly surprised whenever tone emerged. Tops of hills sounded great!

Things in Montreal were good, I drove a lot. I didn’t need a 300 pound friend puking in the rental. I didn’t need to have my car towed or to be locked out of the hotel, sleeping in the parking lot in my puke car. Topless breakfast was good, but not as enjoyable as I had remembered. I guess it was a slow day, only one girl was working.

Most importantly I thought a lot about peoples eyes, you always know where to find them. Suspicious sideways glances on dark city streets, two sets of eyes will dart from their feet to meet each other and back again as strangers pass in the night. Vivid wide eyes, feline or otherwise, still catch you even as they twirl on a dance floor. Why is that? Little round orbs alerting you to ones passion, betraying the anonymity that unfamiliarity provides.


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