Thursday, June 05, 2008

still awsome

So one night I woke up on the floor of the hotel hallway in Krakow. My head was tingling and my teeth were itchy so I figured I must have been sleepwalking then physically passed out and collapsed. So I looked up as these two Polish security guards were yelling at me (in Polish) and then I realized what the big deal was…I was naked.

What the eff right? Yeah, I’m not really sure either. So I’m trying to explain to the guard that he needs to calm the fuck down and if he gave me like two seconds to get my shit straight I could remember my room number and we all could be spared the awkwardness of my poorly timed morning wood. SO he clues in that I don’t know where I am (my ahem. ..”divining rod’ isn’t exactly helping) so he starts knocking on doors to see if he can find my roommate. So the last thing I need is more judgmental people from my trip to cry about my dong in the circle the next day so I have to figure something out fast.

Just then I see my friend Alexi and he lets me into his room to hide while I try and remember my room number. So I agree to hide in his bathroom while he goes to the front desk to figure out my room number, of course that’s precisely the moment his roommate wakes up to find me naked in his bathroom…awkward! So after a few embarrassing minutes we determine the coast is clear and I’m able to creep down the hallway to my hotel room which I know remember. As I’m tip toeing out of his room, a group of people on the trip come around the corner to catch me sneaking out of his room naked. Great.

The pictures are already on facebook.

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