Thursday, August 07, 2008

It was all good just a week ago (part II)

Well I think this is funny at least. While taking full advantage of the self serve bar in the Elk Lodge in gay old St. John’s I stumbled upon an unused 2L milk jug. So I pumped it full of Kitty Bitty light and staggered around the dance floor pouring sloppy mouthfuls to semi-willing party goers. By the end of the night I’m pretty sure that most everyone (save a few, who due to a miscalculation, received an icy splash right down their shirt) put their lips directly on the jug. So between the beer baptisms and meningitis swapping I forgot about what happened next. Then a pic surfaced on facebook of me sticking my dick directly into the jug.

Its all rushing back to me now.

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