Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The once and future king

I’m starting to understand what Mars Volta is talking about. It’s starting to get cold and it feels like Christmas. That reminds me of that album, cranking it in Jason’s car and trying to explain the significance as snow fell heavily on the windshield wipers that he ended up replacing. I could see the CN Tower from my bedroom and I’d sit in the chair we rolled down the street from the end of someone’s driveway and read and watch the sky darken behind it. I’m feeling nostalgic; it’s just different this time.

Demons swinging hammers? I understand that now. I can isolate that sound and I can appreciate why its there. Somewhere between Latin rhythms and the horns section its there, percussion is amazing regardless of impact. So just imagine how that feels when it hits you.

I tried explaining it by applying pressure on your body once. Your skin was too soft and my fingers too weak. I did manage to get a sound out of you but it didn’t end in a bang.


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