Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm feeling directionless, but thats to be expected

Last night I and a couple of friends hit a pub and as we chatted I wondered if I would remember the night for years to come because this was the day the market crashed?

The booze made them look like flash animation cardboard cut outs moving smoothly over an unfocused background. The conversation around us sounded almost musical and the table stunk of beer soaked rotten wood.

I thought is this what 1929 in slow motion looked like? We kept our Tommy guns out of sight and raised our Tom Collins and Mint Julips and toasted to the end of the world. A 500 point fall left me wondering if it was time to sharpen our straight razors and run a warm bath; no one else seemed to be concerned. Although I did get a frantic PIN earlier in the day saying there hasn’t been a worse day in the markets during our lifetime.

What did we talk about again? My friend just bought a house, that’s probably gonna suck. We laughed and I wondered if my internet would be working when I got home, would it tomorrow?


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