Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Suffering

The current market situation gives way to the prime conditions for a zombie attack. Slowly a gulf emerges between haves and have nots. People witness the suffering of their neighbors but aren’t compelled by the human condition to come to their assistance because they have yet to feel the looming repercussions of the global collapse for themelves. Insulated and preoccupied by the fact that they still have a job to loose a family to die a sports team to tear the flesh from their teammates bones; they are impervious to those who have already lost all theirs.

The insular mindset that clouds your brain, the tenseness that stiffens your muscles; all indistinguishable to the undiscerning pallet of the undead. Ignoring your frail and feeble friends as if they are already dead and gone is a bad strategy. You’ll become reacquainted soon.

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