Wednesday, October 08, 2008

B-sides are a funny thing

About once a month I have to sit through this excruciatingly boring meeting about soil contaminants. It is horrible, not just because of the topic, but the purpose, hammering out precise language for a best practices guide. Oh, and I’m also there for no reason!

So at this meeting there is this slightly older woman that I have a real soft spot for her as the only female around the table. Sometimes we catch each others eyes and we suppress small grins, sometimes we scowl at each other pretending to ruminate over the inane talking. We go until one of us cracks a smile and looks away. We go until I’m dizzy considering the possibilities.

So as I was walking into the room today I collide with her as she was exiting. Our bodies pressed against each other and my hands fell delicately on her hips. Her hands raised and placed her open palms on my chest. We blushed deeply at our accidental embrace, betraying us to the entire room. We both took a step back, cleared our throats and uttered soft apologies before continuing on our way. Some of the older men commented on what a “soft landing” that must have been. In my head I agreed.


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